• 25kg Payload
  • 1500mm Reach
  • ±0.1mm Repeatability

Key Features


High+ Payload

Experience the overwhelming payload capable of easily handling heavy objects up to 25 kg!


High+ Safety

The highest collision sensitivity in the industry, with six high-tech torque sensors Through the application of a counterbalance mechanism, the light-weight hardware reduces shock to improve the safety of the robots


High+ Flexibility

Since relocation of the robots is easy and the robots are suitable for coupling with AGV and AMR due to their light weight of about one half of the equivalent six-axis multi-joint robots, various applications can be configured


High+ Reach

Applicable to various work environments, with a wide work radius and the highest efficiency for multiple work processes or remote palletizing

Main Applications



Heavy objects stacking and palletizing on logistics and automated procedures


Machine Tending

Feed heavy subjects into the CNC machine and load/unload them from/to the pallet


Heavy Object Handling

Staking, transport and handling of multiple objects simultaneously In fast-paced production procedures, such as those found in the logistics and fabric industries

Basic Components

컨트롤러 이미지
A control device capable of interfacing with various automation equipment and peripherals as it supports a complete suite of the latest communication technologies.
Teach Pendant
티치 팬던트 이미지
A teaching device offering tablet PC-like ease of use, and with the inclusion of the DART Platform, it is capable of simple programming as well as configuring various applications.

H-SERIES Options


제어기 이미지
DC Controller(CS-02)

A control device with a compact design allowing it to be installed easily in various mobile robots, such as AGVs and AMRs.

제어기 이미지
Protected AC Controller

A sturdy control device with an IP54 rating, guaranteeing stable performance even in tough industrial environments.

Direct Teaching Button

직접교시 버튼 이미지

A direct teaching button capable of selecting various teaching modes as well as saving coordinates with simple button operations.