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Limitations of Use

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User-Provided Information

Personal information provided by a user through the Site is protected by the Privacy Policy related to the Site. You must not provide confidential information or information that is subject to the rights belonging to you through the Site. If you provide information or material that is not requested by Doosan Robotics through the Site, you agree that such information or material is not confidential or subject to the rights belonging to you. You must not provide any information or material to Doosan Robotics that contains defamatory, threatening, obscene, or other illegal information or materials or materials that are subject to the rights of others.

Refusal to Collect Unauthorized Email Addresses

Doosan Robotics does not allow the unauthorized collection of email addresses posted on this site using an email collection program or other technical means. Breaches of this provision will be subject to criminal penalties according to the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization.

Laws in the User’s Country

You are responsible for complying with the laws of all countries, including the Republic of Korea, your country of residence, and the country of service. Doosan Robotics does not assume liability for any such breaches.


Doosan Robotics may revise, add to, or delete any part or all of the Terms at its sole discretion from time to time without prior notice. Changes to the Terms become effective when notice of such changes is posted.
Doosan Robotics reserves the right to terminate, modify, suspend access to this Site and some of its functions, and limit certain features and services at any time without advance notice. Doosan Robotics may invalidate the efficacy of authority, rights, and permissions granted to a user under the Terms, and the user must immediately destroy the data in the event of loss of efficacy, such as authority.

The Terms will become effective on September 13, 2017.

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