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On the 23rd of March 2021, Photoneo released a new version of the ultimate robotic intelligence tool Bin Picking Studio. This update is significant because the Photoneo team would like to welcome Doosan Robots as the 11th supported robotic brand. Welcome, and we are looking forward to our cooperation.

The Bin Picking Studio is an in-house developed state-of-the-art software created for one single purpose – enable bin-picking to everybody in the world. It is easy and understandable for whoever thinks about moving their production to the future with automation.

The unique combination of powerful 3D vision hardware represented by the Photoneo line of PhoXi 3D Scanners & intelligent software for setup of picking. What you would search from 4 different providers with Bin Picking Studio you get in one package - All in one picking solution for your projects.

PhoXi 3D Scanner

Superior 3D vision with various sizes and scanning ranges as well as optimized features for Bin Picking. The scanning volume of the PhoXi 3D Scanner family ranges from 15 cm up to 4 meters, allowing you to scan large as well as very small objects.


In house developed CAD-based localization algorithms with smart features for bin picking like smart memory and a quick scan

Full path planning & Collision avoidance

Path Planning optimized for 6 axis manipulators with the option of disabling the collision check for the speed boost in collision-free environments

Doosan robot Interface

Generic interface with a wide variety of commands

How does it work?

1) Select the robot

2) Upload the gripper

3) Upload your object

4) Set up gripping & tool points

5) Load your environment

6) Setup your part localization

7) Robot to camera calibration

8) Interactive debugging

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Features & Benefits

  • Fastest 3D Scanner at given resolution with best-in-class point cloud quality

  • Reach cycle times ranging from 3 seconds and get your investment back exactly as planned

  • Our advanced methods for ambient light suppression provide superior quality scans even in demanding light conditions of up to 20 000 LUX.

  • Thanks to its low weight of less than 1.5 kg, the PhoXi 3D Scanner can be mounted directly onto the robotic arm - a very handy option if you need to scan a big bin with a smaller scanner from variable viewpoints, or to get a detailed look at the bin corners.

  • You only need a single cable to get both electric power and data connection for a 3D scanner - Power over Ethernet.

  • PhoXi 3D Scanner offers the best-in-class thermal stability thanks to hardware enhancements together with the thermal calibration model.

  • Off-the-shelf solution

  • Proved by line in production for 3+ years with fast ROI

  • Experience with integrations in various applications worldwide (1500+)

  • Full path planning and collision avoidance

  • The system considers all the obstacles as collision objects, including the model of the robot

  • Designed for robotic integrators & users

  • Easy and intuitive web-based configurator

  • In production ML-based localization engines

  • Configuration in a virtual environment

  • Easy calibration

  • Virtual debugging

  • Environment builder

  • Fast deployment

  • World-class customer support - free of charge feasibility and consultancy

What’s in the box

  • Pre-calibrated PhoXi 3D Scanner - possibility to choose from XS, S, M, L, or XL size according to desired scanning range/scanning area

  • Vision controller running Bin Picking Software (Industrial grade device)

  • PhoXi® Control App and Localization SDK software

  • Power adaptor (230VAC/20VDC, 160W)

  • Ethernet cable

  • Power cable

  • Power adaptor for Vision Controller

  • Calibration object

  • License key

  • Communication with Doosan Robots

  • Documentation

Technical details


  • The PhoXi 3D Scanners uses structured light patterns to acquire 3D data
  • Integrated GPU - New NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB processing unit
  • Light source: visible red light (laser)
  • Laser Class3R/Laser Class 2 device
  • Scanning time:  250 - 2000 ms
  • Ambient temperature: From -20 °C to 50 °C (max gradient 10 °C/hour)
  • Operating temperature for optimal scanning performance: From 22 °C to 25 °C
  • Overall operating temperature: From 0 °C to 45 °C
  • Humidity: From 0 % to 95 % non-condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: From 1080 hPa to 660 hPa (corresponding to an altitude of 1000 m to 3500 m)
  • Maximum acceleration: 20 ms-2
  • Resolution (number of 3D points): Up to 3.2 Million
  • 3D points throughput - Number of 3D points that can be reconstructed in a second in sequential scans: 16 Million
  • GPU NVIDIA Pascal™ Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores
  • IP65 Mechanical Protection. Completely protected against the ingress of dust (dust-tight). Protected against low-pressure jets of water from any direction.
  • The Bin Picking solution uses Ethernet communication for main communication between the Vision Controller, 3D Scanner, and Robot Controller.


Compatible with Doosan Robotics


Resolution (3D Points)Up to 3.2 MUp to 3.2 MUp to 3.2 MUp to 3.2 MUp to 3.2 M
Scanning range161 – 205 mm384 – 520 mm458 – 1118 mm870 – 2150 mm1680 - 3780 mm
Optimal scanning distance181 mm442 mm650 mm1239 mm2326 mm
Scanning area at sweet spot118 x 78 mm360 x 272 mm590 x 404 mm1082 x 772 mm1954 x 1459 mm
Point to point distance0.055 mm0.174 mm0.286 mm0.524 mm0.947 mm
Calibration accuracy (1 σ)0.035 mm0.050 mm0.100 mm0.200 mm0.500 mm
Temporal noise (1 σ)0.030 mm0.050 mm0.100 mm0.190 mm0.400 mm
Scanning time250 – 2000 ms250 – 2250 ms250 – 2500 ms250 – 2750 ms250 – 3000 ms
Dimensions77 x 68 x 296 mm77 x 68 x 296 mm77 x 68 x 416 mm77 x 68 x 616 mm77 x 68 x 941 mm
Baseline85 mm230 mm350 mm550 mm850 mm
Weight900 g900 g950 g1100 g1200 g
GPUNVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA coresNVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA coresNVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA coresNVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA coresNVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores
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Certifications & Standards

Scanner certifications: Laser certification (LC3, LC2), FCC IC, CE, EMC, FDA, RoHS, REACH

According to standard EN 60529 PhoXi 3D Scanners have the following mechanical protection: IP65 Mechanical Protection (Completely protected against the ingress of dust (dust-tight). Protected against low-pressure jets of water from any direction.)

Vision controller certifications: CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55022 & EN 55024 EN 50155:2007

Use Case

Doosan joins the Bin Picking Studio

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