• 5kg Payload
  • 900mm Reach
  • ±0.05mm Repeatability

Key Features

Super Safety 이미지

Edge+ Sanitation

With NSF certifications and IP66 accreditation, E-SERIES ensures maximum hygiene and sanitation

Dexterity 이미지

Edge+ Portability

With all-in-one packaging just 2/3rds smaller than existing cobots, Edge is easy to transport and install in any area

Easy 이미지

Edge+ ROI

E-SERIES is a cost-effective automation solution, ensuring rapid ROI in as few as 14 months for coffee applications

Main Applications


Deep Frying

Easily fries food in 170° C,
224° F oil



Makes up to three cups of espresso in 15 seconds by pouring water into a dripper just like a barista



Boils and cooks a variety of noodle dishes such as rice noodles and udon with consistent quality


Ice cream

Scoops ice cream and delivers it right to customers



Extracts draft beer and serves it to the pickup area

Basic Components

컨트롤러 이미지
E-Series dedicated controllers with the latest major communications technology support and compact design for easy interface with various F&B facilities
DART Platform
DART 플랫폼 이미지
DART Platform, the Doosan Robotics user software, enables robot teaching along with the wide range of programming actions on a PC environment
Emergency Stop Button
비상 정지 버튼 이미지
The safety button can halt the robot in an emergency situation to prevent accidents

E-SERIES Options


제어기 이미지
DC Controller (CS-06)

A control device with a compact design allowing it to be installed easily in various mobile robots, such as AGVs and AMRs.
(Exclusive for E-series)

Teaching Device

티칭 디바이스 이미지
Smart Pendant

A simple interface with commonly used function buttons including Home Position, Servo ON/OFF and Start/Stop for easy controlling.

Direct Teaching Button

직접교시 버튼 이미지

A direct teaching button capable of selecting various teaching modes as well as saving coordinates with simple button operations.

Cable Holder

케이블 홀더 이미지
Cable Holder

By using Cable Holder, it helps to maintain clean and sanitary operation even when using a pneumatic hose.