Optimized to perform repetitive tasks
at high speeds in a limited space

6kg900mm Product inquiry

State of the ArtController

  • · Top-of-the-line control platform for complete and reliable robot control
  • · Torque sensor performance maximized with innovative motion control algorithm and robot language
  • · Support the latest communication technologies including Ethernet, Fieldbus, serial, Wi-Fi, etc. for easy interface with various automation systems and peripherals
  • · Built-in app developed with skill-based programming to implement complex robot motions simply
  • · Robust platform based on real-time control and high-speed communication technology to ensure stable performance in tough industrial environments
  • · Built-in innovative control algorithm for easy implementation in a wide range of field applications

Human-CenteredTeach Pendant

  • · Electrostatic touch interface for superior usability and excellent resolution
  • · Lightweight and comfortable grasp design to minimize user fatigue
  • · Intuitive usability through graphic-based communication
  • · Intuitive card view to check the robot working environment at a glance
  • · Intuitive and easy task programming with drag & drop function