• M0609

    6kg900mm Optimized to perform repetitive tasks at high speeds in a limited space

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  • M1509

    15kg900mm Effective in handling heavier objects
    to support human workers

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  • M1013

    10kg1,300mm Standard model versatile
    for any application

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  • M0617

    6kg1,700mm Ideal for operating multiple
    tasks or long-range tasks

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Value-Adding of The Cobot

The best choice for your collaborative robot

You can maximize the performance and production efficiency of your collaborative robots by adding various functions.

Find additional options for your robots.

Value-Adding l Enhancer 01

Direct Control Unit : Cockpit

The optimal option to maximize user experience enables you to select a wide range of teaching modes and save coordinates with a simple five-button operation.

Value-Adding l Enhancer 02

Mobile Base

The built-in robot, controller, and teach pendant allows flexible movement and layout in the field.
Easy installation of peripherals such as the pallet and laser scanner and tool storage maximize user experience.

Value-Adding l Enhancer 03

Stain-Resistant Model

The enhanced anti-stain function makes it easy to manage the appearance even in a work environment that is exposed to contamination.

Value-Adding l Enhancer 04

Dress Pack

Organizes various cables connected to the end tools of the robot allowing efficient operation.
Integrated tube bracket and holder ensures convenient organization, and it is easy to attach/detach and relocate on the robot.

Value-Adding l Enhancer 05

Robot Jacket

Protects robot from contamination by liquids used during cutter support work, etc.
PU coating forms a 2-stage water barrier which ensures Doosan robot to maintain optimum operation conditions.