Active Contact Flange Kit
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Active Contact Flange Kit


End Effector
Power tool

CATEGORY End Effector

TYPE Power tool


The ACF-K was specially developed for Cobots and optimizes a wide range of previously manual surface treatments. Perfectly engineered, changeable tools enable quick job modulations as a plug & play system. The patented Active Compliant Technology ensures adjustable contact force with intuitive adaptation to the workpiece and also guarantees optimal process quality. The ACF-Kit automates all batch sizes ingeniously simple, reliable and flexible.

Surface treatment: Grinding, sanding, polishing, cleaning, stripping paint, brushing, deburring, ... All materials: Steel, aluminium, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibres, …

Recommended Applications

Active Contact Flange Kit


Features & Benefits
  • Defined contact force
    Interactive compensation of surface tolerances up to 35 mm with guaranteed consistent contact force. No adaptation of the robot tracks.

  • Integrated gravitation compensation
    The process force remains constant even with changing orientations. No additional programming required in the application.

  • Passive security and high-speed control
    Mechatronic actuator and sensor element with high degree of process security using a robust mechanical construction with integrated passive security and high-speed control.

  • Flexible automation kit
    The versatile and user-friendly plug & play tools are suitable for surface processing of almost all shapes and materials. Tool change ingeniously simple and flexible.

What’s in the box

  • ACF-K
  • Tool
  • Control box
  • 5m control cable
  • 24V power supply adapter
  • 5m air supply hose Ø6 mm for ACF-K
  • 5m air supply hose Ø 12mm for Tool
  • Connection hose Ø 12mm ACF-K/Tool
  • 5m grounding cable
  • Air control valve
  • Valve connection cable
  • Mounting screws and pin
  • USB Data stick
  • Control box key and sanding pad changing key

Technical details

Specifications ACF-K

Max. Force (pull/push) [N]
Stroke [mm]
Dimesions [mm]
205 x 160 x 320
Dead weight [kg]
Power Supply 
24 V DC / 4 A
ø 6 mm compressed air, max. 7 bar, 30 µm, ISO 8573-1 Kl.3 (oil & water free)
Bolt circle ISO 9409-1
ø 50
Communication Interfaces

Standard: Ethernet TCP/IP
Optional: Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Ethernet XML 

* Jointly tested with Modbus TCP. Sample codes are available from FerRobotics.

Specifications Tools

Item Number
Item description
Vacuum Kit
ACF-K/Dyn/56819 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Random Orbital Sander 5“ (127 mm) Dia. 0.28 hp (209 W), 12,000 RPM, 3/16“ (5 mm) excentric stroke

ACF-K/Dyn/56830 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Random Orbital Sander 6“ (152 mm) Dia. 0.28 hp (209 W), 12,000 RPM, 3/16“ (5 mm) excentric stroke

ACF-K/Dyn/57814 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Jitterbug Orbital Sander 3-2/3“ (93 mm) W x 7“ (178 mm) L, 0.28 hp (209 W), 10,000 RPM, 3/32“ (2 mm) excentric stroke

ACF-K/Dyn/15360 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Belt File 0.7 hp (515 W), 23,000 RPM, for 1/4“ - 1“ (6-25 mm) W x 24“ (610 mm) L Belts

ACF-K/Dyn/13214 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Die Grinder 0.7 hp (515 W), 4,500 RPM, 5/8“-11 Arbor

ACF-K/Dyn/52276 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Die Grinder 0.7 hp (515 W), 15,000 RPM, 1/4“ & 6mm Collets

ACF-K/Dyn/52276 01
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Die Grinder Angular 0.7 hp (515 W), 15,000 RPM, 1/4“ & 6mm Collets

ACF-K/Dyn/54771 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Angular Grinder 4“ (102 mm) Dia. 0.7 hp (515 W), 12,000 RPM, 3/8“ - 24 Spindle Thread

ACF-K/Dyn/52635 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Angular Grinder 5“ (127 mm) Dia.1.3 hp (956 W), 12,000 RPM, 5/8“-11 Spindle Thread

ACF-K/Dyn/52639 00
FerRobotics ACF-Kit - Angular Grinder 5“ (127 mm) Dia. 1.3 hp (956 W), 12,000 RPM, M14x2 Spindle Thread


  • M1013
  • M1509


500mm X 400mm X 250mm (depends on tool)

Use Case

About Company

FerRobotics Compliant Robotic Technology GmbH

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Up to now, automated surface treatments were only reserved for very large batch sizes and thus mainly for large companies. However, small and medium-sized companies also have a variety of tasks that could benefit from tailor-made automation solutions. With the new ACF kit from FerRobotics, the surface processing of small and very small series can now be done by small robots and can be automated easily and economically. Complex manual and health-endangering activities in the area of grinding and polishing are now being taken over by cobots, which also close automation gaps in SMEs and ensure an increase in quality and precision.

For more than a decade, FerRobotics has been committed to creating exactly what was considered unthinkable for a long time: equipping robots with a sense of touch  This was our goal, because it is believed that a robot that automatically adapts to a surface at the moment of contact works more precisely, more safely and more economically. Above all, however, robots will be able to do work that could previously only be carried out by human hands due to workpiece properties or small batch sizes. With the unique Active Compliant Technology, FerRobotics has succeeded in equipping robots with the tactile sensitivity and exact contact force that is necessary for guaranteed process reliability.Above all, the Linz-based, high-tech company has specialized in activities such as grinding, polishing and deburring and, with its sophisticated system packages, has established a high level of automation for this problematic manual work. While it is unreasonable for an employee to process a workpiece with constant force over a long period of time, a robot now does it effortlessly. The versatile product range of end-of-arm systems keeps the presettable contact force constant and adapts itself to complex surfaces. All device components are fine-tuned to each other including the suction and are optimized for the respective processing and thus guarantee optimal process quality.

Automation for small batch sizes
With the new ACF kit, FerRobotics has developed a tool for cobots that offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to make sensible use of the advantages of automation. The newest member of the extensive product range, which has been specially optimized for the needs of flexible production, i.e. for small batch sizes, contains a large selection of attachable devices for surface processing and is ideal for almost all shapes and materials. Thanks to the modular design, the versatile and user-friendly plug & play tools can be changed in seconds and can therefore be used for a wide variety of applications within a very short time. Grinding, polishing, brushing, deburring - the applications are diverse and can now be covered with robotic support.

Ingeniously simple
It is not only the sophisticated and simple exchange system which meets the highest technical standards that makes the ACF kit interesting for SMEs. On top of that, the simple handling, i.e. the easy assembly and setup, as well as rapid job modulations, is significant for uncomplicated and profitable use. Since neither commissioning nor operation require engineering know-how, expensive technician time is therefore necessary.

High-quality grinding, polishing, deburring requires experience and is also extremely physically demanding. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find experts in this area. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the automation of processes is also essential for small and medium-sized companies. Not only to work economically and efficiently, but also to compensate for the shortage of workers and to guarantee a consistently high level of quality. With its new, versatile ACF kit, FerRobotics now also enables SMEs to have surface processing done by Cobots, even with small batch sizes and with little implementation effort. The ACF kit is available now.