Electric parallel gripper kit
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Electric parallel gripper kit

KIT-DOOSAN-G_MPLM2535, 2Jaws Parallel Gripper Kit

End Effector
Electric Gripper

CATEGORY End Effector

TYPE Electric Gripper

Electric gripper kit with bellow Key components

- 2 jaws parallel gripper; MPLM2535

  • Plug & Play gripper (Open/Close command provided by Tool output on flange IO)
  • Total gripping force: 98N
  • Stroke: 35mm
  • No electricity consumption when gripper is engaged
  • Gripper retention guaranteed in event of blackout
  • Long life BLDC with motor driver inside

- 3 position programmable sensor; PRO-SSR4N225-G

  • Digital magnetic sensor with 3 output for 3positions (2 positions are programmable)
  • Simple programming with 1 button and 3 LEDs
  • On-Board programming of the magnetic switching points and of the logic (N.O or N.C) that can be set independently for each output
  • 3 digital-output for flange IO is provided by pre-assembled M8-8Pins solder connector 

Recommended Applications

Electric parallel gripper kit


Features & Benefits

- Plug& Play user friendly gripper
- no electricity consumption when gripper in engaged.

- 10 million cycle maintenance-free

What’s in the box

- Gripper:


- Programmable magnetic sensor:

PRO-SSR4N225-G with pre-assembled M8-8Pins connector to adapt flange IO

- Mounting flange with screws:

3M350054 and MFI-A374-B 

- Gripper cover:


- If you need designed finger, please contact local subsidiary or dealers.

Technical details


Gripping force: 98N

Jaw stroke: 35mm(2x17.5mm)
Power consumption: 11W
Voltage: 24Vdc

PNP circuit inside


M series
A series



Certifications & Standards

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