Automatic & Manual tool changer
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Automatic & Manual tool changer

The WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer System

End Effector
Tool Changer

CATEGORY End Effector

TYPE Tool Changer

Manual and Automatic tool change in one device.

Plug and Play - One fits all.

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Automatic & Manual tool changer


Features & Benefit

The WINGMAN is an all mechanical “new school” automatic tool changer device that does not need compressed air to activate the couple and decouple mechanism unlike traditional “old school” tool changers.

As automatic tool change happens automatically as the robot moves through space, anyone that can teach waypoints on a Doosan robot can install and deploy the WINGMAN Tool Changer System in few minutes – No need for compressed air installations, hoses, air valves and associated I/O setup.


·        Automatic and manual tool change in one device.

·        Plug and Play in few minutes.

·        Patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism.

·        Super compact and super strong

·        Designed and tested for cobot safety (ISO/TS 15066).

·        Two integrated ports for pass-through of compressed air or vacuum.

·        Click-on modules with additional ports for pass-through of high flow compressed air or vacuum.

·        Click-on modules with Doosan standard connectors (M8/8pin) for pass-through of electricity.

·        All tool changer parts are surface treated high grade aluminium.

·        Included with compact tool holders that stores the end-effectors when they are not located on the robot.


What’s in the box

Example kit includes (WM1-DK-05-00-DR1 : The WINGMAN Developer kit):
1 x WINGMAN Robot Part w. bolts and pin.
2 x WINGMAN Tool Parts.
2 x WINGMAN Tool Part Holders w. wing screws.
1 x Electrical pass-through module for WINGMAN Robot Part.
2 x Electrical pass-through modules for WINGMAN Tool Part.
1 x Electrical cable
between Doosan tool flange connector and WINGMAN electrical pass-through module.
1 x High flow pass-through module for WINGMAN Robot Part.
2 x High flow pass-through module for WINGMAN Tool Part.
6 x Push-in hose fittings for one robot part and two tool parts.
1 x Case for convenient transport and storage.

(Kits are also available without the case and and parts can be purchased as separated units).

Technical details


·        AUTOMATIC & MANUAL change in one device

·        Integrates with most cobots and tools

·        Rated payload 33 kg / 73 lbs (Maximum payload 100 kg / 220 lbs)

·        Weight on cobot 260 g / 0.57 lbs

·        Combined height 30 mm / 1.18 in

·        Repeatability +-0,03 mm / +-0.0012 in

·        Pass-through adaptability with room for three module sets

·        All highly durable metal alloys



Plug and play with all Doosan robots and most end-effectors e.g. end-effectors from OnRobot, Robotiq, Schunk, Zimmer and many other.

The WINGMAN's automatic tool change is mechanical and depends only on the robots movement through space to work. The automatic tool change feature is completely independent of electricity, compressed air or vacuum to work.



Outer diameter: 75 mm

Combined height: 30 mm.
Combined weight: 260 g.

Certifications & Standards

CE decleration (2006/42/EC).
Cobot safety (ISO/TS 15066).
Load tested (Report 911748).

Use Case

The WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer system on Doosan robot

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