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Effective in handling heavier objects
to support human workers

Product inquiry



Degrees of freedom
Rated payload
15 kg
900 mm
Tool speed
1 m/s
± 0.1 mm

Joint Movement

J1 Range / Speed
±360° / 150°/s
J2 Range / Speed
±360° / 150°/s
J3 Range / Speed
±150° / 180°/s
J4 Range / Speed
±360°/ 225°/s
J5 Range / Speed
±360° / 225°/s
J6 Range / Speed
±360° / 225°/s

Other Features

32 kg
Installation position
Any (Floor, ceiling, wall)
Protection Rating
Digital I/O – flange
6 In / 6 Out
I/O power supply
DC 24 V / Max. 3 A

* The above specification is subject to change without prior notice.



Ethernet / Wifi / RS232 / Modbus / Ethernet TCP/IP
490 x 390 x 287 mm
9 kg
Protection Rating

Other Features

I/O Port – Digital I/O
16 / 16
I/O Port – Analog I/O
2 / 2
I/O power supply
DC 24 V
Rated supply voltage
100~240(50~60Hz) VAC

* The above specification is subject to change without prior notice.



Protection Rating
264 x 218 x 42 mm
Weight / Screen Size
0.8 kg / 10.1 inch
Cable Length
4.5 m

* The above specification is subject to change without prior notice.

State of the ArtController

  • · Top-of-the-line control platform for complete and reliable robot control
  • · Torque sensor performance maximized with innovative motion control algorithm and robot language
  • · Support for all latest communication technologies (Ethernet, Fieldbus, serial, Wi-Fi, etc.) for easy interface with various automation systems and peripherals
  • · Built-in app developed with skill-based programming to implement complex robot motions simply
  • · Robust platform based on real-time control and high-speed communication technology to ensure stable performance in tough industrial environments
  • · Built-in innovative control algorithm for easy implementation in a wide range of field applications

Human-CenteredTeach Pendant

  • · Electrostatic touch interface for superior usability and excellent resolution
  • · Lightweight and comfortable grasp design to minimize user fatigue
  • · Intuitive usability through graphic-based communication
  • · Intuitive card view to check the robot working environment at a glance
  • · Intuitive and easy task programming with drag & drop function